Seasoning tips.

The reason for seasoning a pizza pan is to make it darker on the bottom to absorb heat rather than reflect it. Seasoning is nothing more than a build-up of burned cooking oil on the bottom of the pan which makes it darker than its original color.

Step by step seasoning instructions:

  • Clean and dry the pan.
  • Preheat oven or grill to 400 degrees. (400 degrees is just a little hotter than smoke point but not hot enough to vaporize your oil).
  • Drip a small amount of cooking oil on the bottom of your pan. Then spread a thin layer of oil evenly over the surface with your fingers.
  • Place pan, oil side down, into oven or on grill.
  • Check if bottom of pan has darkened after 20 minutes. Extend timing to darken your pan.
  • Do not wash pan after usage. Washing may remove seasoned surfaces. Instead simply wipe down surfaces after use.

Note: Anodized pans don’t need to be seasoned. They are specifically manufactured to simulate seasoned pans.

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