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Pizzaware. Bake the Perfect Pizza Every Time.

In 1982 Crown started revolutionizing the pizza industry by creating our signature “Perfection Pizza Pan.” This pan, hole pattern and all has been copied by many, but duplicated by none. In the late 80’s Crown developed the “Black Steel Pizza Genius Pan,” a premium professional pan that can bake a pizza in any oven, and anything in a pizza oven. You can use your convection oven to make pizza, or your pizza oven to make chicken wings, fries or any other bake & eat foods. In the 21st century we introduced: a pizza peel strong enough to shovel snow, dough dockers, heart rings and added pizza delivery bags to our line through our sister company “Covertex Corp.” Go with the leader with the new and innovative solutions.Throughout the years of creative innovation one thing remains, our ability and willingness to make your pan the way you need it—custom pan design and/or custom hole patterns. It may cost more for custom products, but if this will make your pizza better, then the cost is an investment not an expense.

Now we are taking another step ahead. We’re bringing the power of Crown Cookware to your screen. Go online and find all our pizza products at your fingertips. Just go to our main website and click the shopping cart for the appropriate country and you’re on your way. Have a question? Send us an email. Have an idea? Send us a sketch or picture. Let us help make your pan so you can make your own great pizza success story