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This is a Premium Non-Stick Pizza Pan, that we call pizza pan.
 It is a secret blend of steel, coated with more alloyed metals to protect the steel, then coated with Crown’s Black Steel Release coating.

This pan offers an entirely different bake compared with any other type of pan. Use some cornmeal on the bottom and achieve a stone-baked crust in an oven. Add oil to the pan for a fried type of crust.

Perfect pizzas are just the beginning.  Bake wings in your pizza oven and they slide right off. Add fries to your menu without the cost of a deep fryer.  Make Chicken Nuggets Fish Sticks and how about, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers?  Yes, you can make dogs and burgers in your pizza oven.

A restaurant favorite is to pile this pan full of Nachos, cheese, and sauce, then bake and serve them right in the pan without sticking.  The melted cheese that sizzles on the bottom of the pan is a crispy delight that peals right off!

Cleaning is a breeze!  Once the pan is cool, you can simply wipe your pan clean or use a little light detergent to lift the residue oil and you are done!

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